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Bell Peppers, Italian Salami, Garbanzo Beans, Pepperoni, Black Olives, Tomatoes, Pepperoncinis, Mozzarella Cheese & Romaine

  Served With Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

     - VEGETARIAN Version Available

Asian Cobb Salad

Crisp Romaine, Spinach, Grilled Chicken, Walnuts, Craisins, Tomatoes & Parmesan Cheese

   Served With Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

Cilantro & Lime Marinated Chicken, Shredded Cheese, Served Atop a Bed of Crisp Romaine with Black Bean & Corn Salsa and Housemade Tortilla Strips

  Served With Southwestern Ranch Dressing

    -VEGETARIAN Version Available

Smoked Bacon, Turkey, Crisp Romaine, Tomatoes, Cheddar Cheese & Avocado

   Served With Creamy Herb Dressing

Penne Pasta Tossed with Cubed Smoked Turkey Breast, Swiss Cheese, Slivered Almonds

  Served With Smoky Garlic Dressing

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Orchard Salad

Hawaiian Chicken Salad

Veggie Superfood Crunch Salad

Fiesta Salad

Fan Favorite! Grilled Chicken, Crisp Romaine, Apples, Craisins, Candied Pecans, Feta Cheese & Mandarin Oranges

 Served With Wild Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing

     -VEGETARIAN Version Available

Herbed Chicken, Crisp Romaine, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Black Olives, Pepperoncinis & Feta Cheese

  Served With Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

      - VEGETARIAN Version Available

Smoked Turkey Pasta Salad



Seasonal Fresh Fruit OR Garden Veggies & Creamy Herb Dip

Fresh Baked Garlic Parmesan Breadstick - 1pp

(Additional Breadsticks $1.50 each)


Assorted House Made Cookies & Bar Bites

$11.95 per person/Lunch (before 4 p.m.)      $13.95 per person/Dinner

Additional Dressings $.50 per person:

House Creamy Herb, House Vinaigrette,
Wild Raspberry Vinaigrette, Asian Sesame,

Chipotle Ranch, Southwestern Ranch, Italian & French

Add a Second Entrée Salad for $4 per person.

(Each Entree Requires a 10 Person Minimum)

Add Avocado or Guacamole to any Salad $1.50 per person


Disposable Plates, Napkins & Cutlery Included
Sales Tax, Delivery Charge, & Applicable Charges will be Added

Due to Fluctuating Market Conditions, Pricing Subject to Change

Mediterranean Salad

Crisp Romaine, Purple Cabbage, Shredded Carrots, Red Peppers, Pineapple, & Teriyaki Chicken

   Served With Citrus Vinaigrette Dressing

Red Peppers, Pea Pods, Pineapple, Shredded Carrots, Marinated Chicken, Bean Sprouts, Romaine and Wonton Strips

  Served With Sesame Dressing

    - VEGETARIAN Version Available

California Club Salad

Kale, Chickory, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Cabbage, Craisins, Sunflower Seeds & Feta Cheese

  Served with Tangy Lemon Herb Vinaigrette Dressing

Italian Chopped Salad

Crisp Romaine, Grilled Chicken, Fire Roasted Edamame, Bell Peppers, Shredded Carrots, Fresh Cilantro & Wonton Strips

   Served With Thai Chili Vinaigrette Dressing

Balsamic Chicken & Walnut Salad

Spicy Thai Salad